Big boys need love, too

Posted in Uncategorized by sbf31 on March 2, 2010

Ideally, I would like a man who is physically fit, but I’m willing to be flexible.  If you have a few extra lbs, I can deal with that.  What I cannot deal with is you showcasing your few extra lbs to all of the internet.  Are you slow?  Your profile picture should be attracting me, not scaring me away.  Oh, I know, you are being completely upfront and showing me the “real” you.  That’s unfortunate, because you chose that shot, I will never care to learn anything more about you. Sorry.  Oh, and gentleman.  A little manscaping won’t hurt…the taco meat and that little bush in your armpit is never attractive.

Attitude Ninety Seven?  Is that shirt from ’97?  And look at those scarred up hands and ashy knuckles…gross.

Is he really in a public restroom?  He has to be joking, right?  And what the hell is on top of that head????


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