Oh the Messages…

Posted in Uncategorized by sbf31 on February 23, 2010

So, since joining, my inbox has been flooded with messages.  Often times they are just “flirts” (if you are on bpm, you know what that means), but sometimes, a guy will go out of his way to send you a personal message.  When you get those personal messages, you feel oh so special.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Hey there Ms Valentine Day Smile !!!

WOW !!! Your picture & description on the web site is quite captivating & VERY intriguing. You are B-E-A-utiful !!!. I almost had to force myself to turn my head to stop from being H-Y-P-N-O-T-I-Z-E-D by your lovely smile,style & beautiful eyes.

I am searching for a new friend, I am still kind of new to the Atlanta area and I am looking far and wide for that special someone . . . Could that be lovely Y-O-U??? I must admit our profile is very interesting!!!  Is is possible that we can keep in touch , exchange #s or something and try to become best friends !!!  because I dont know how much longer I will be on this site either, and I would love to have a chance to get to know B-E-A-utiful Y-O-U !!!. I am always open to a new friend with a clean heart, mind, body & soul so we can exchange #s if interested.

Quote of the day: If you keep doing what is right in your life, then what or whoever is wrong in your life will eventually leave your life.

Take care SWEETIE !!! & I hope to talk to you shortly. Maybe then we will see what our friendship is to be . . .


WOW, this guy is in to me!!!!! Do you see the time he put into bolding and capitalizing things?  And, the quote of the day just melted my heart!  Let me show you his picture, too…Back up ladies, this one is mine!!!!!!!!!

P.S. What is a Valentine Day Smile?

And then this guy…

Hi, Yes Lord you are Beautiful !!! U look like a Goddess!!! Who couldn’t love a girl with a smile like yours! Do you model ? U r so cute until u r ugly !! Call me at 404 798 xxxx. You can *67. It will block your number from view. Give me five minutes to say hello.

Stay sweet,


I was like awwww, this guy thinks I’m pretty, he thinks I could model AND I’m a Goddess!  I don’t get the so cute until u r ugly part, but whatever works for you.  Slightly over the top, but sweet (I guess).  Until I received the same message 3 times on 3 different days!  Is this you BPM stock greeting?  Loser.

And my personal favorite…

You are the finnest female up on here period. If u looking for a good man than hit me up maybe we can talk and exchange number’s sexy holla back.

Don’t you wish you were the FINNEST female UP ON BPM? I am.


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