Lesson #1: Background is Important

Posted in Uncategorized by sbf31 on February 23, 2010

OK gentleman, I’m going to help you out.  Women are very observant and detail oriented, so when posting pics to your profile, please consider the background.  At first glance, this brotha seems to be attractive.  I personally wouldn’t talk to him because I can’t stand people that use bluetooths, but I know many woman who may consider him to be a catch.  My main issue with this fellow is that he set up his photoshoot in front of Barbie’s dream mansion.  Then, he has all types of rattles and toys at his feet.  Tell me, which one of your Bebe’s Kids took this picture for you?  With this one picture, I’ve made several assumptions about you:

1) You have multiple kids….I’d like to have my own, thanks!

2) Your living conditions are junky….Is this what I can look forward to if I married you? A junky home and a bunch of kids?

3) Your lame because you are wearing that bluetooth with conviction…were you expecting a call during your photoshoot?

Come on fellas, tighten up!


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