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Slickricky sent me a message this afternoon.  Apparently he’s interested in me.  Sadly, I have no interest in him whatsoever!  I’ve already addressed the importance of solo shots, but once again, this fool decides to post a picture of him and his boo…

Then, he followed that picture up with this…

What in the hell is this all about?  What is this telling me about you?  Who is this random child (I’m guessing yours), and whose grave is she at????? Completely weird!


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

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Lesson # 2: Profiles are Important People

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Guys, if you really want to impress a female with your profile, take your time and use proper grammar.  Reading some of these profiles on BPM make my head hurt.  Why on earth would anyone want to meet someone that can’t even form a complete sentence.  Additionally, consider the appropriateness of your profiles.  Would you want your mama to read what you write?  That being said, I thought I’d share a few examples on what NOT to do…

A little about me… i’am just a guy who will want to do anything except homosexuality.well not anything nahh. nothing too far fetched. i’am game for anything fun exciting and new. and dont think iam trying to holla at anything that moves. i like beauti, brains , wit substance u dig. so women wit beautil minds get at me.

What are you looking for in a partner? a women thats about getting hers and not waiting on no man to get it for her. lot of heart , brains and ass to go wit it. everybody wants the ideal women or man right?

I’d just like to add… i do many things. really what eva comes along that has promise in making money. right now i write movies poems and is working on a book of my life and many other things. too much to explain. if anything just say hello and we can take it from there

**I do NOT want to read a book of your life if it is written anything like that!**




**I love a man that is collective and passionated!**

Oh and one more tip.  If you make less than $50,000, just say that you would rather not share your income.  For example this guy said he made between $35-50,000, but then he posted a picture of his BMW on his profile.  So are you telling me you spent a years worth of salary on your car?  That’s responsible.


35 years old

6′ 1″ tall

Slender build

Black hair – Brown eyes

Black/African descent

I do not smoke


Good looking

Tech (occupation)

$35,000 – $50,000 (income)

Looking for a Serious relationship

Never Married

Has no children

Christian (religion)


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The caption under this photo was “bolegedness”.  Sexy.  Every night I lay my head down to sleep, I pray that the good Lord will send me someone who is BOLEGEDED.

Oh the Messages…

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So, since joining, my inbox has been flooded with messages.  Often times they are just “flirts” (if you are on bpm, you know what that means), but sometimes, a guy will go out of his way to send you a personal message.  When you get those personal messages, you feel oh so special.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Hey there Ms Valentine Day Smile !!!

WOW !!! Your picture & description on the web site is quite captivating & VERY intriguing. You are B-E-A-utiful !!!. I almost had to force myself to turn my head to stop from being H-Y-P-N-O-T-I-Z-E-D by your lovely smile,style & beautiful eyes.

I am searching for a new friend, I am still kind of new to the Atlanta area and I am looking far and wide for that special someone . . . Could that be lovely Y-O-U??? I must admit our profile is very interesting!!!  Is is possible that we can keep in touch , exchange #s or something and try to become best friends !!!  because I dont know how much longer I will be on this site either, and I would love to have a chance to get to know B-E-A-utiful Y-O-U !!!. I am always open to a new friend with a clean heart, mind, body & soul so we can exchange #s if interested.

Quote of the day: If you keep doing what is right in your life, then what or whoever is wrong in your life will eventually leave your life.

Take care SWEETIE !!! & I hope to talk to you shortly. Maybe then we will see what our friendship is to be . . .


WOW, this guy is in to me!!!!! Do you see the time he put into bolding and capitalizing things?  And, the quote of the day just melted my heart!  Let me show you his picture, too…Back up ladies, this one is mine!!!!!!!!!

P.S. What is a Valentine Day Smile?

And then this guy…

Hi, Yes Lord you are Beautiful !!! U look like a Goddess!!! Who couldn’t love a girl with a smile like yours! Do you model ? U r so cute until u r ugly !! Call me at 404 798 xxxx. You can *67. It will block your number from view. Give me five minutes to say hello.

Stay sweet,


I was like awwww, this guy thinks I’m pretty, he thinks I could model AND I’m a Goddess!  I don’t get the so cute until u r ugly part, but whatever works for you.  Slightly over the top, but sweet (I guess).  Until I received the same message 3 times on 3 different days!  Is this you BPM stock greeting?  Loser.

And my personal favorite…

You are the finnest female up on here period. If u looking for a good man than hit me up maybe we can talk and exchange number’s sexy holla back.

Don’t you wish you were the FINNEST female UP ON BPM? I am.

It’s Time for a Self-Assessment

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If you are an attractive person, chances are you know it.  If you are unattractive, you should know that, too.  Unfortunately, too many of my brothas on have a distorted image of themselves.  In your profile section, you are asked to describe your looks.  You are given 4 choices: average looking, good looking, very good looking, and stunning looking.  All too often, the men an give themselves a little more credit than they deserve.  Prime example…

My friend here describes himself as “stunning looking”.  To who?  Your mother?  I don’t know a single women that would label you as stunning, but good for you, way to have self-confidence!

The Picture Says it All…

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You don’t even need my commentary on this one.

Lesson #1: Background is Important

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OK gentleman, I’m going to help you out.  Women are very observant and detail oriented, so when posting pics to your profile, please consider the background.  At first glance, this brotha seems to be attractive.  I personally wouldn’t talk to him because I can’t stand people that use bluetooths, but I know many woman who may consider him to be a catch.  My main issue with this fellow is that he set up his photoshoot in front of Barbie’s dream mansion.  Then, he has all types of rattles and toys at his feet.  Tell me, which one of your Bebe’s Kids took this picture for you?  With this one picture, I’ve made several assumptions about you:

1) You have multiple kids….I’d like to have my own, thanks!

2) Your living conditions are junky….Is this what I can look forward to if I married you? A junky home and a bunch of kids?

3) Your lame because you are wearing that bluetooth with conviction…were you expecting a call during your photoshoot?

Come on fellas, tighten up!

For Real?

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Sooooooooo, let me get this straight,  you are on to find a boo and you can’t find a single picture of yourself without another woman?  Good Lord, you could have at least cropped her out!  And this poor girl…does she even know she’s on  Oh, maybe it’s a package deal?  Oh no, I know what it is…you looked sooooooo fiiiiine in that picure that you just had to use it for your profile.  Let me know how that’s working out for you…I’m sure you’ve gotten a ton of interest.

Welcome to Black Love

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Well hello, and thank you for visiting my blog!  I got the idea to start this after recently signing up for the online dating service,  I know, I know…classy, right?  You have to admit, you’ve been curious to check it out everytime you see it pop up as an ad on facebook. 😉  Times are hard out here for a sistah! LOL  While I vowed I would never be one of those desperate losers searching for love online, by the time I turned 31, reality hit….If I plan to be married with kids this century, I need a boo and I need a boo fast!  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m gonna find him on! LOL Seriously, what are these people thinking?  Their descriptions of themselves, the pictures they choose to post…just a mess.  So, since I spent all of $9.95 to join, I figured I may as well get my use out of it.  So, I created this blog, to post all of the mmmmm….interesting profiles that I come across.  I encourage readers of this blog to comment and also share their own online dating stories.  The first victim…

This handsome fellow sent me a message commenting on my beautiful smile.  I don’t know what attracts me more to him…his makeshift backdrop w/ folding chair or his dirty ass sock?  What do you think?  Man, I’m gonna have such a hard time deciding who to make my boo!